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A Cherished Piece

Years ago, my mother gave me the gold from her wedding band, my great aunt’s and my grandmother’s.  Galatea turned gold from three important women in my life into a beautiful pendant, which reminds me of the Three Graces.  I will always cherish this piece and what it represents.  These women are now a memory, but I can keep them close when wearing it….

-Beth Franklin
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Heirloom Diamond Setting in Birmingham AL

Something Old, Something New

A few years ago, a man came to me wanting to have a special piece made for his bride to be.  He brought me one of his Grandmother’s cherished earrings, and asked me to turn it into a beautiful bracelet his wife could enjoy for years to come.
I took the center stone from his Grandmother’s earring, and created a beautiful diamond bracelet to enhance the beauty of the center stone.  It turned out to be a wonderful gift for his bride on her wedding day…

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Custom Diamond Jewelry Designer in Birmingham AL
Custom Gold Jewelry Designer in Birmingham AL
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Jewelry Design and Fabrication

Beautiful custom-design jewelry is an expression of the wearer’s personality, lifestyle and taste. Creation of such jewelry requires close collaboration between you and your designer. Beyond that, three elements are essential to the creation of a pleasing and high-quality item of custom-designed jewelry: the Design, the Materials and the Craftsmanship.

Quality Design

The design must reflect your personal taste and lifestyle. Your designer must be able to interpret and enhance your ideas, yet remain true to your imaginative, personal design. Be wary of the “designer” who only dilutes your concept, either by insisting (incorrectly) that he or she “knows exactly what you need” or by working from a catalog of tired commercial designs.

Galatea prides herself on the experience, creativity, listening skills, attention to detail, and sense of style she brings into her design work with every customer, with the objective of bringing your wishes and ideas to life as unique, wearable works of art.

Quality Materials

Proper selection of quality stones and materials is critical to the lasting beauty and value of your custom-designed jewelry. Galatea Designs will ensure that the precious metals, diamonds or other gemstones used in the piece created for you are of the highest quality and best value possible, while remaining within your budget. Click HERE to learn more about how Galatea Designs, as your diamond broker, searches the inventories of diamond cutters, brokers and wholesalers internationally to find stones of the highest quality and greatest value matching your needs, preferences and budget.

Quality Craftsmanship

After your design and material choices have been finalized, it is essential that the craftsman selected to translate your vision into a jewelry item of stunning beauty and quality have the talent and facilities equal to the task. Not all jewelry craftsmen are created equal; Galatea’s contacts and years of experience with the finest goldsmiths in the country will ensure that task is matched to talent, and that uncompromising craftsmen are enlisted to execute your design, resulting in a unique jewelry item of lasting beauty, quality and value.

Today’s Concept, Tomorrow’s Heirloom

From Concept to Creation, never losing sight of our customers’ dreams, Galatea Designs will work closely with you, while uniting unsurpassed creativity and design expertise, materials and craftsmanship, to create a beautiful custom-designed jewelry item of enduring quality and value that will capture and carry for a lifetime special meaning and sentiment.

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