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Diamond Brokering

What is a Diamond Broker?

What is a diamond broker, and why use one?

Making a diamond purchase can be overwhelming. Deciding WHERE to shop can be as difficult as deciding which diamond to buy. Hiring a diamond broker is a good alternative, and is a much better value for the customer.

Brokers don’t own the diamonds, but act as your agent to locate just the right gemstone from a network of reputable sources from around the world. The advantages of working with a broker are threefold: lower cost, higher quality and time saved.

Diamond brokers use their vast network of resources throughout the worldwide diamond trade. Brokers typically locate the best three or four diamonds meeting their clients desires, then ship them to the dealer or jeweler for the client to examine.

Example of a GIA Diamond Certificate

Why choose Galatea Designs as your diamond broker?

Galatea Designs has almost 20 years of diamond experience, hundreds of satisfied clients, and is the source of some of the greatest values in the diamond industry.

Once you’ve met and she knows what you are looking for, Galatea searches the inventories of diamond cutters, brokers and wholesalers internationally to find the highest quality and greatest value matching your needs, preferences and budget. These diamonds are then sent to Galatea, where she brings to her client for review. Galatea prides herself on providing personalized service, and will help you sort through the design and quality options available so you can make an informed decision when purchasing diamond and jewelry.

With contacts that include cutters, brokers and wholesalers world-wide, Galatea has the proven ability to obtain the highest quality diamonds, preferably those certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), at the lowest possible cost, regardless of our customers personal needs.

By recommending our clients purchase diamonds that have been graded and certified by independent laboratories such as GIA and EGL, customers of Galatea Designs will receive impartial certificates documenting the stone’s quality and identifying characteristics. While any diamond can make a good first impression, only a superior diamond will keep your attention and increase in value.

Since Galatea Designs doesn’t keep an inventory of diamonds, we are not trying to sell you what we own rather than what you want; instead, our goal is to exceed your expectations, and to thrill you, with both the quality and the value of the diamond we find for you.

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