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The Secret Is Revealed…

The marriage proposal is a moment that every girl dreams of. You’ve likely spent considerable time working for the money to buy a diamond for your fiancée, as well as significant time and effort making sure you have purchased the perfect ring. The expenditure of a little more of your time and effort, and an investment of your romantic and creative energies, are essential to make that moment when you present her with that sparkling gift more special and memorable than she ever imagined.

Few decisions are as important as resolving to ask someone to be your bride. Deciding that you are prepared to spend the rest of your life with one particular person is a turning point in both lives.

Consider carefully the words and setting of your proposal …perhaps the most important moment you will ever share as a couple. More than just a question, more than a moment that alters both your lives, the proposal shapes the lives of your families and future family members, and will be celebrated for years to come.

One thing is certain …your fiancée will remember everything about your proposal, down to the tiniest details. People will ask her often, and for the rest of your lives she should be proud to recall and tell others where and how you asked her hand in marriage. Don’t just toss her the ring box during a commercial break between innings or pop the question in the produce aisle. Do everything in your power to honor the occasion, infuse the proposal with romance, and make your fiancée feel special.

Entire books and websites are devoted to the many unique, and often lavish, mariage proposals that men (and sometimes women) have pulled off, ranging from traditional to outrageous. However you choose to propose, consider what approach best suits your style and would most please your future fiancée. Unless your girlfriend is an air traffic controller or aspiring aviator, don’t feel obliged to write your proposal in the sky. Bear in mind the soft spot nearly all women have for old-fashioned romance. She may be a successful, high-powered executive by day, but you would be amazed by how deeply she can be affected by an old-fashioned, gentlemanly, romantic gesture.

The Bottom Line: Invest time, effort, thoughfulness, creativity and love in composing a romantic moment that you will both remember and smile about forever! Plan your proposal down to the last detail, and personalize it in ways that are significant and special to each of you. Show your future fiancée that no effort is too much where her happiness is concerned, and that not only do you understand the importance of romance, but you are capable of romancing her. Be her knight in shining armor and help realize her dreams of a romantic marriage proposal and of living happily forever.